ALLNIGHT HAPS is an annual exhibition program organized by HAPS, art institution in Kyoto, Japan.

For 2020, TSUKUDA Nanao has been chosen as a program director, and ‘Translating the Distance’, a translation project and art exhibition series, will be held with the 5 participating Artists.

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Every day, 6pm-9:30am

The act of ‘translation’ occurs in the moment in which people come into contact, addressing one another and/or being addressed by one another. It reveals the process of communication (or miscommunication) and the relationships between the individuals involved in the process. Neither the concept of ‘self’ as opposed to ‘other’ or the ‘inside’ in contrast to the ‘outside’ in fact possesses a clear and static definition; rather, the ideas of ‘self’ and ‘inside’ are subject to change, as the relationships surrounding us shift constantly and fluidly.

The recommended practice of physically distancing from others for fear of spreading the virus is described as ‘social distancing’. The current situation where we are ‘socially distancing’ ourselves forces us to be acutely aware of a ‘distance’ from others and the conscious act of ‘maintaining a certain distance’ itself. The society is gradually adapting itself to the current climate that requires us of being mindful of the ‘distance’, and is undergoing transformation day after day.

This project, ‘Translating the Distance’, offers the participating artists an opportunity, through the process of translation, to explore the ever-shifting distance and relationships between languages, cultures, environments, and those between the self and others. The aim is to observe the ‘distance’ that surfaces in the interaction and to see how each artist may or may not choose to incorporate their findings into their artwork and creative process.

Translation of the verbal text is conducted through an interaction between the artists and the collaborators who are preferably non-experts in contemporary art or translation. The ‘distance’ that emerges in the interactions keeps shifting, embracing the ‘perspectives of someone other than the artist themselves’ provided by the collaborators. This project enables us to carefully follow the process where the distance and the relationships between the participants are continuously in a state of flux, which, as a result, hopefully helps building a foundation for the artists and audiences alike in creating and appreciating artworks.

Program facilitator
June 2020

Translated from Japanese by SHOJI Moe

Curated by TSUKUDA Nanao, 5 participating artists, KOIDE Mayo, KOBAYASHI Taiyo, NISHIO Kaori, HASEGAWA Yuki and MURAKAMI Miki will work on translations of the text that they have written, from their first/mother language to English, and also to another language that the artists will choose. The translation will be done through having conversation with others, especially talking with people who are NOT a professional about art or translation. The text to translate can be anything, such as their artist statement, explanation of their work, title, or the texts that is inside their work.

The main purpose of this project is not about studying other languages, or achieving grammatically correct translations, but to reconsider each word that the artists have chosen, through conversation with others who don’t always know the term and context of contemporary art. It will be a chance for the artists to encounter different terms and perspectives developed in different areas, and it will also become a chance for the people participating the project to know how the artists construct their ideas into artworks.

In January-March 2021, after the whole conversation and translation process, there will be 5 exhibitions held by the participating artists in the gallery of HAPS, Kyoto, Japan.

Visual artist, mainly working on installations, which are often composed of sculptures, videos, photos and found objects.
Born in Osaka in 1983, lives and works  in Osaka & Kyoto. 

Solo Exhibitions 
2020 “KATASHIRO” Ooeyama Artsite, Yagi Sake-Brewery, Kyoto Japan
2019 “Teller’s tales” Gotenyama Lifelong Learning Art Center, Osaka, Japan
2018 “Return to the ground/Off the ground” Gallery PARC, Kyoto, Japan

Group Exhibitions
2019 “TROPOSPHERE : Materials to open up a new world” Kyocera Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2018 “Calling, Attitude, and Tuning : KOIDE Mayo-KOSHINO Jun“, Kyoto Art Center, Japan
Painter. Lives in Osaka, works
at the studio “punto” in Kyoto, Japan.

Solo Exhibitions
2020 “Let Me Know Your Name” Gallery Morning,Kyoto

Group Exhibitions
2020 “Wunderkammer” GOOD NATURE STATION, Kyoto
2019 “punto practice/study/exercise” Galerie 16, Kyoto
Visual artist working mainly on video installations.
Born in Tokyo in 1995. Now lives and works in Yokohama, Japan. 

Solo Exhibition
2019 「ぼくらは今のなかで」,Garou-Atochi, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition
2018 「破滅*アフター」, Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Visual Artist, mainly working on installations and sculptures made of ceramics and fabrics.
Born in Akita, Japan in 1994. 

Solo Exhibitions
2017 “A piece for cake in HYAKKETSU.”, JR Kyoto ISETAN, Kyoto, Japan
2016 “Wandering tribes”, Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Japan

Group Exhibitions
2020 “Pockets on the Streets“, Kyoto City University Of Arts Art Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2019 “After night comes the day?“, YAMANAKA suplex, Shiga, Japan
Mainly working as a Playwright, she has been managing the theater company “TORIKOEN/Bird Park” from 2007.
Born in Tokyo in 1985. Working extensively in Japan.

Texts and Journals of the progress.


ALLNIGHT HAPS is an annual exhibition program scheduled at the gallery of HAPS, and the program director is chosen from young artists and curators every year. 

The gallery space can only be seen from the outside, in the night time while the office is closed. (Archives of the past program.)

Higashiyama Artists Placement Service (HAPS) is a non-profit organization, established in 2011. The organization’s aim is to support Kyoto-based artists, who are suffering from a lack of: studio space, suitable exhibition space, affordable housing, and efficient industry networks. The opportunities provided by HAPS are crucial for artists to generate new prospects, and further their creative careers.

The HAPS office is located in the Higashiyama area of Kyoto City. This area of Kyoto is renowned for its traditional architecture: the Machiya. The Machiya are preserved under Kyoto City law, valued as assets of: significant cultural, historic, and national interest.
As of April 2019, HAPS is a general incorporated association.

Visual artist based in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan.

Her work is often based on the researches about tools and furniture used in one’s daily live. Tsukuda composes constellations of drawings and sculptures, commonly utilizing materials which can be seen in living environments such as ceramics, woods, and fabrics.

Translating the Distance

Project by HAPS
(Higashiyama Artists Placement Service)

Project period (conversation/translation):
Exhibition period:
Place: HAPS gallery , Kyoto, Japan
Every day, 6pm-9:30am

Program Director: TSUKUDA Nanao


Supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
Funded by
The Asahi Shimbun Foundation, Arts Support Kansai,
Kyoto Prefecture


(Higashiyama Artists Placement Service)

339 Yamazaki-cho Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
605-0841, JAPAN