Photos by 前谷開 Kai MAETANI

長谷川由貴 Yuki HASEGAWA

⟪Thinking in the Midnight⟫ (2021)

Collaborator for Translation :
三林寛子 Hiroko MIBAYASHI
石井佑基 Yuki ISHII

—acrylic paint on cloth, a canvas size F100(work in progress), grow lights for plants


Hasegawa usually works on creating oil paintings on canvas. Her paintings often shows plants illuminated in the dark night.However, for this exhibition, she decided to use other materials to show the process which exists behind the creation of her artwork.

The 4 layers of sheer black cloth is covered with the texts and drawings related to the conversation of the translation process of her artist statement with the two collaborators.The texts are sometimes from the spoken words by the collaborators who are different types of professionals about plants, the drawings from the old botanical books, and the flowers and plants from the photos shown by the collaborators from their greenhouse.The notes of the artist’s learnings and thinkings are patched into a big cloth, hiding a new canvas which is still in the making. It is as if the new painting is still covered with various ideas and thinkings of the artist, alone in the studio in the night silent time.

Hasegawa said, “The hidden painting will be a start of the new series, which will show the appearance of the plants under the daylight.” The time she spent with the collaborators in this project seems to have given the last push for her to start a new challenge.

↓対話メモ / Notes and photos from the conversation during the translation.